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PK Thornton Restorations
The classic Jaguar experts
Since 1967
Jaguar XK, MK I - X, E-Type Specialists
Rich racing heritage
Race and track preparation
Complete restoration services
From barn find to beautiful

It’s on our blood

Over 50 years
of Jaguar passion

In September 1967, Brothers Peter and Keith started a business with not much more than the skills in their hands and the passion for Jaguar in their hearts.

Jaguar XK, MK I – X, E-Type Specialists


From barn find to beautiful – we can transform even a seemingly lost cause from a rusted shell to your pride and joy using a combination of original and modern techniques.


We have been looking after our customers’ prize wheels for decades, making sure they purr like the day they were made with a complete range of service options from an annual tickle to 365 storage, strip-downs and upgrades.

Repair & upgrade

From mechanical tweaks, to trim, bodywork and even chassis repairs – we can get your Jaguar back on the road, and back to it’s former glory.


Jaguar has a long history of racing – and so do we.  Our generous experience combined with our rich technical experience makes us perfectly placed to prepare and support you on the track.

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